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So, I am sure you have seen the headlines about the knife crime epidemic that has hit the UK. It has been a talking point on and off for the last 18 months – 2 years. Unfortunately, the media is focusing on the negative impact that it is having within the black community; in particular on our young boys and men which we have lost far too many of, to the gangs and the street. Rightly so some may say, something has to be done about it.

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STOP and SEARCH, is it an effective tool used by the Police to prevent crime or is it used to discriminate against the BAME community?

The Metropolitan Police announced that they had given Police Officers the powers to stop and search individuals under section 60 during the 2018 Notting Hill Carnival they say that they based the enhanced powers on the recent spate of violence in the capital and intelligence that they had received.   Stop and search is extremely controversial, in particularly within …

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Inequality in the workplace, is discrimination still prevalent in the UK workforce?

One of the key priorities in the UK today is to tackle the inequalities within the workplace.  Organisations and individuals tend to focus more on gender inequality against women in areas such as leadership positions and pay.  This issue often hits the media headlines and has encouraged initiatives such as the FTSE 100 boardroom recruitment (now …

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Surplus to requirements, the Windrush ‘row’!

Recently, there have been a number of articles and news bulletins about individuals from the Commonwealth who were brought to the UK from the late 1940s to 1970s as children with their parents who are now being told that they are illegal immigrants 40, 50 and even 60 years after they entered the country. The …

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